ETABS 开放应用编程接口
In response to requests from many of our users, Computers and Structures, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of an Open Application Programming Interface (OAPI) for ETABS. This OAPI provides developers of products for CADD and 3D modeling seamless and efficient access to all of the sophisticated analysis and design technology of SAP2000. Third-party developers can now create rich and tight two-way links with ETABS, allowing for accurate transfer of models into ETABS, complete control of ETABS execution, and extraction of analysis and design information out of ETABS 2913, all from within their application.

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This OAPI is compatible with most major programming languages, including Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Anyone familiar with Visual Basic programming should find the ETABD 2013 OAPI syntax easy and intuitive. All of the OAPI functions are thoroughly documented in a searchable help file. This help file contains information on over 700 different ETABS OAPI functions, with the discussion for each function describing in detail the Syntax, the VB6 Procedure, and the Parameters along with Remarks on what the function does and a VBA Example.

Highlights of this OAPI include:

· Direct, fast and efficient access to all of the advanced numerical methods of ETABS.

· Direct two-way data transfer without intermediate files provides the faster throughput important for large models.

· OAPI connections allow for multiple data exchange cycles between applications without the creation of a new model for each cycle.

· Use of the OAPI by third-party developers all but guarantees that their applications will remain compatible with future releases of ETABS – very important to the end-user.

· Because OAPI developed links are robust and transparent, users will have a high level of comfort pertaining to the integrity of the information being transferred – very important to the developer.

· And lastly, any user who does their own programming can now develop their own custom interface for ETABS, using their own application or any other application that allows for user programming.

This new module allows the power of ETABS to be harnessed in innovative and revolutionary ways, offering the developer the ability to tailor the ETABS analysis and design engines for use with their own application.

BIM 集成:案例#1
  • 第三方BIM用户和SAP2000/ETABS用户采用同一系统。
BIM 集成:案例#2
  • 第三方BIM用户和SAP2000/ETABS用户采用不同系统。